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The average electricity bill has increased by 0,9% in May compared to April, bringing its second consecutive month of increases, according to the simulator of the National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Specifically, the average bill for a domestic consumer amounted to 66,36 euros in May, compared to 65,75 euros the previous month. Of this amount, 14,88 euros correspond to the fixed term, 37,29 euros to consumption, 2,67 euros to the electricity tax and 11,52 euros to the VAT. To make a homogeneous calculation have taken the last 30 days of April plus the last day of March for its contrast with the equivalent number of days in May.

This light bill corresponds to an average consumer similar to that used by the Ministry of Industry in its calculations, with a contracted power of 4,4 kilowatts (kW) and an annual demand of 3,900 kilowatt hours (kWh), typical of a family with two children.

In this way, the light revenue rebounds slightly, after the rise (+0,5%) recorded in April that broke with the declines of February and March, leaving behind the bullish episode of January and nine consecutive months of Uploads.

Specifically, in February the first monthly decline in the light bill since May 2016 was recorded, after having chained nine consecutive months of increases.

Since May last year, light receipts had entered a bullish spiral, after a start in 2016 with significant falls in January (10,6%), February (6,5%), March (0,4%) and April (3,1%).

This bullish spiral reached its height in January, when demand for the cold wave of the second half of the month, coupled with other factors such as the export to France of nuclear unavailability or the reduction in water contributions, Led to mark, one after another, the highest registrations in the wholesale electricity market since December 2013.