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Company Profile

RODISOL began to develop four years ago with these two partners, totaling decades of experience in real estate today want to establish an innovative business.

Rodisol team

Where is the innovation? RODISOL offered in each project, a new treatment to the client personalized for ensure your satisfaction during the design, the implementation and after-sales. In addition, working with suppliers who offer products the greatest guarantee of quality and exclusivity.

This configuration of the business is accompanied by a excellent management, because the company has defined all functions and activities through a own management system is being computerized programmatically relational databases. A management system that will maintain continuous contact with the different clients and RODISOL.

Each space has its own function according to the area, whether business, family or leisure. Spaces which are suited to personal needs with resources, materials and services.

The three pillars of the project

This project is based on ensuring the customer satisfaction at all times, to generate value added and efficient management. To meet the first objective, very carefully studying customer needs and characteristics of their project and agrees that the results are excellent designs.

RODISOL also been proposed that its base products and services is in continuous renewal indicate. To do this, is constantly monitoring the needs of society and caring for new products and services that begin to be marketed.

Finally, the company has defined its functions and activities by its own management system is being computerized programmatically relational databases” Furthermore, within the expansion plan, RODISOL looking for a particular profile of the entrepreneur, once chosen, will be advised by the various professionals that make up the business project.

RODISOL is therefore a multidisciplinary team with several years of experience in real estate management which has decided to be part of a professional business plan, modern and caring to new technologies.

Has as main objectives are to provide an effective service, achieve optimization of resources and the efficient management of the needs of our customers, but also the content is completed with the provision of other services necessary technical and legal certainty.

RODISOL is committed with the customers to provide excellent service according to:

  • We tailor our services to the needs of the customer.
  • We searched and get the best solution to suit customer needs.
  • We provide to the customers a multidisciplinary law firm with highly qualified technicians in the different personal and social areas to meet the needs of our customers.
  • Personalized assistance for each customer.

RODISOL, always looking for satisfaction in each of its services for the customers, for what looks to improve in a consistent way without allowing being stuck in comfort. We walked down for and provide better service to our customers.

Vision, mission & values

Our vision is to be a solutions company that provides high levels in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our mission provide a service clients with excellence, according to the values and professional practices through innovative, technologically advanced, high value-added.

Our values are:

  • The integrity and business ethics, we care about the “how“, not only the “what“.
  • The professionalism, the power to make things “well done“.
  • Ethical commitment to all those who contribute to the creation of value in the company.
  • Innovation. The conviction of  ”always go ahead“.

A single economic model

Our complete range of services includes all kinds of real estate: offices, warehouses, logistics platforms, comercial centers, hotels, land, new and second hand properties, etc., as well as specific services for our customers according to their needs and the conception of the personal life project: legal services, housing maintenance, acquisition of exclusive and luxury products (boats, planes, cars, beauty treatments etc …), personal business services, travel processing and personal issues, etc.

A multidisciplinary offer value-creating

The purpose of this multidisciplinary offer is to procure a real competitive advantage in terms of efficiency, quality of service and value creation.
Depending on your needs, we mobilize all or part of our business lines.
The customer in the heart of our actions, is why we work for the customer that demands our services

A continuous view and responsible

Specialization. Allowing the creation of customer value at every step of the life of a building.

Responsibility. In order to accompany a sustainable approach to the client throughout the entire real estate life cycle.
What is meant responsibility? We distinguish two meanings. First, take all decisions made during the project and its impact on economic, technical and legal, etc. Secondly, in a broader sense, we are responsible to the society and have an important role in the education.
In order to sustainable development to our clients, there must be a balance between the educational dimension and the service we provide.

Proximity. Because the real estate business is primarily a local specialization and analysis of each market, our local implementations allow us this proximity with the customers.
“The ability to get and stay close to our customers is essential. For us a value quite similar to the innovation. Because, to meet the needs of our customers, we must to understand their problems and therefore, know them well.  To do this, the capacity of RODISOL to offer a wide range of services, is as important as creating new products. Specifically, proximity results in regular and frequent contact, by mail, by phone or in meetings. Here it is all about relationships. We have made available to our clients a dedicated team to answer all your questions, because the proximity is very important.”

Innovation. In order to propose relevant solutions and original in a long-term.
“Innovation stimulates the ingenuity and creativity necessary to bring New products become available and improve the quality of service provided to our customers.It is a key asset that distinguishes the capacity of RODISOL and is decisive for the customers when they give to us their trust. In the department of Research, innovation is a daily challenge. Our mission is to transform our ideas into useful knowledge for the sales team and our customers. Is constantly encourages us to renew and progress. It is true that any innovation, however small, makes us gain efficiency in every project and create a great value relative to our competitors”.