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It is well known that the rental market has experienced an unprecedented transformation in recent years. At present, more and more people and families are choosing to live in rented housing. However, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is important that you know all the latest news related to the rental real estate sector.
Mismatch between supply and demand
Over the years, the rental market has settled. Despite good data on demand, the shortage of supply is a palpable problem. At present, many homes remain closed waiting for a buyer or because their owners do not dare to rent. In order to solve this problem, it is essential that the rent is professional and that the owners take preventive measures.

In this way, the owners’ fears dissipate, since with the work of a professional and with the application of preventive measures, landlords can ensure that only a reliable, solvent and fulfilling tenant will reside in the house.
Empty houses only give expenses
The shortage of rental housing not only affects all tenants who are looking for a home to live in. This problem also causes damage to the owners who decide to keep their property empty for fear of renting. On average, an empty floor in the center of any Spanish city can give the owner an annual expense of more than 2,000 euros. Although the apartment does not have tenants, the cost of the community of owners, supplies or taxes must continue to be paid.

In addition, some regions, such as the Basque Country or Catalonia, have decided to deal with this situation by sanctioning the owners who have their homes closed. For example, the Basque government approved in 2015 a tax of 10 euros per square meter useful to buildings that have been empty for more than two years. This tax will increase 10% for each year of more than we have the flat without tenants.

Therefore, it is reasonable to put the house in rent. In this way, we will not only save money and penalties, but also we will be able to generate profitability of a property in which we do not reside.
The CPI is not a representative indicator
The Consumer Price Index (CPI), following the approval in 2015 of the Law on Measures to De-index the Economy, ceased to be a representative index for updating rental income. Its oscillation also depends on the price of other products such as light, vegetables or fuels. Therefore, this meter has marked an increase of 3% in January and February, affected by causes totally unrelated to rent.

Due to this situation, other updaters like the ARCA Index (1.84%) need to be used. This indicator, which has long been showing price stability, is real and reliable. The data on the variation of the cost of the leases is a clear reflection of the situation of the real estate market of the rent.