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The Spanish construction sector will grow by 11.31% until 2018 and will reach 162,907 million euros in turnover, according to a study by EAE Business School. Within the sector, the highest growth will be recorded in the residential sector, with an increase of 13.2% and 69.075 million euros in turnover, followed by infrastructures with 10.7% (62,440.6 million euros) and construction With an increase of 8.5% (15,387.85 million euros).

According to the report, the value of the production of the construction industry in Spain was 146,350.78 million euros in 2015, which represents a rebound of 2.2% compared to 2014, but a fall accumulated since 2008 Of 53.4%, when this value reached 314,374 million euros.

By activity sectors, residential construction was the one with the highest turnover in 2015 with 61,022.7 million euros, which represents a growth in the last year of 2.7%, followed by infrastructure with 56,387, 59 million, 2% more, and commercial with 14,171.19 million euros, an increase of 1.3%.

According to the EAE study, the total official tender accumulated between 2011 and 2015 reached 40.6 billion euros. Andalusia concentrated 14% of the total; Basque Country, 12.5%; Catalonia, 12.5%, Madrid, 9.8% and Comunidad Valenciana with 9.3%. The four communities accounted for almost 50% of the total national official tender in the period analyzed.

In 2015, the total official tender for autonomous community reached 7,720 million euros, a fall of 16% with respect to the previous year and an accumulated decrease of 28.8% from 2011. The community with the largest official tender volume was Catalonia with 1,066 Million euros, followed by Andalusia with 992 million, Basque Country with 979 million, Madrid with 717 million euros and Valencian Community with 695 million euros.

According to the director of the Strategic Research Center of EAE, Ana García-Arranz, the forecasts for Spain point to a sustained and moderate growth, especially in the autonomous communities that have traditionally had greater volumes of investment.

However, he adds, public bidding will be far from the levels demanded by key players in the construction sector in Spain, putting at risk the maintenance of the competitiveness standards characteristic of the main European Union countries.

In the main world economies, China is the market with the highest level of production in the construction sector with 2,796,368 million euros in 2015, followed by the United States and Japan with values ​​of 1,140,729 million and 427,240 million respectively. In fact, China accounts for 36% of the world market analyzed.